When I had my mastectomy at the age of 38, one of the most traumatic things I had to do was choose a bra for after my surgery.I was used to wearing lovely underwear, so after looking at the choice of bras available for post-op, I was devastated that they all resembled something my grandmother would wear. Until you are in that position you don’t realise the mental affect as well as the physical affect that mastectomy can have on you. I think that absolute top marks have to be given to Love Me and My Secret, because they have managed to design bras that not only look amazing, they feel fantastic too! The support and fit are better than any other “post-op” bra I’ve tried, especially below my arm pit where I suffer from lymphedema and the materials and lace that they’re made from are just beautiful, both to look at and wear. I wish these bras had been on the market sooner!